Hailey Seals

Hailey Seals is a USDF bronze and silver medalist, actively competing towards scores for the Grand Prix level portion of her gold medal. In addition to FEI level dressage, Hailey has ridden through recognized preliminary level in eventing. 

Hailey has brought several young horses through the preliminary level and a young horse through the 1.45m jumpers.​ She has experience with bucking, rearing, and bolting, in addition to horses that just need a refresher under saddle.​ Hailey has a knack for the flying changes in addition to a solid foundation for the lateral work and connection in the bridle.

She has brought many horses through the FEI level and helped many AAs create a more rideable horse out of their partner and a more understanding rider out of them.​ She strives to prepare riders and their horses both mentally and physically for their goals in a fun and positive way. 

She focuses on making sure the horse LOVES their job. There is no "crank & spank" method found here.​ The question is always, "how can I help the horse understand this and have FUN?"


Full & Partial Training Board

Holston Manor offers full or partial training board options with a focus on achieving the owner's long term personal or competitive goals.


Quality Instruction

Hailey approaches training with patience and understanding for both horse and rider. Just like our equine counterparts, not every training method works for every rider. Hailey is quick to offer new ways to explain, demonstrate, and replicate training. 


Hailey teaches with a strong focus on the "why" and "how" your body affects your horse and how you can better utilize it to help your partner.


Backed By Accomplishment

Hailey Seals is a Bronze and Silver USDF medalist actively competing towards her Grand Prix portion of her gold medal. She has brought many horses through the FEI level as well as students from their first shows to their first FEI classes.

Training Philosophy

"Seeing the progression between horse and rider excites me. Whether you’re GP or just learning on a new horse.


Dressage can be extremely overwhelming if you haven’t had someone break down the “why” and the “how”. Riders have often come to me scrambling for “Oh gosh, maybe outside rein? Inside leg? Inside rein? Outside leg?” And it ends with frustrated riders and horses becoming crooked and defeated.


I take a step back with my riders to teach them how and why certain aids affect your horse and how different corrections can be applied appropriately for the question and not in a "Hail Mary" fashion (I know we’ve all been there). 


I am a big proponent for correct lunge line work, removing the stressor of rein aids for riders to focus on their position and how their leg and seat aids affect the position, tempo, and flexibility of the horse. I frequently have new riders go from pulling, downhill, and frustrating transitions, to riding fluid and uphill transitions on the lunge line with no reins or assistance from me.


From a confident, educated, and independent leg, seat, and hand, you can accomplish almost anything! Whether you can’t canter in a straight line or you can’t find your horse's hind end with a magnifying glass, I am confident in my ability to make training as stress-free with as many light bulb moments as you need to make dressage fun again."

-Hailey Seals