Read What Others Have to Say About Holston Manor and Seals Sport Horses


“I’ve boarded my horses at many barns over the years, but this is one of two places that really cared for my horse exactly the way I would if he was in my own backyard. Hailey is one of the most knowledgeable trainers and owners I’ve ever had the pleasure of boarding with. I’m a veterinary student at the University of Tennessee, and the barn is such a beautiful, relaxing place to come unwind with my horse after classes. Everyone here is friendly, the arenas and property are meticulously kept, my horse loves the large, grassy pastures, and my only wish is that I lived closer and had the time to ride there more frequently!”



"A Wonderful Eye for the Horse's Biomechanics"

"Hailey has a wonderful eye for the horse's biomechanics. I feel she bases our lessons on keeping my mare happy in her work rather than simply teaching tricks by drilling. We have progressed from no steering at the canter to showing second level. I appreciate Hailey's patience and good humor and so does my mare!"


"The Care Has Been Astounding"

Since arriving at Holston Manor, my mare and I have had a wonderful experience! I was seeking a barn where I could grow my skills as a rider and achieve several small goals I had set. But even more than that, I wanted a barn with friendly, active boarders and wonderful care!  The care my horse and  I've received has been astounding. Holston Manner holds frequent clinics and actively attends shows, both local and away. Boarders meet often for fun and activities such as Mares and Margaritas. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for the amenities, care, and training of an upscale barn, but the laid-back atmosphere that many cannot offer, to check out Holston Manor!


"True Environment of Cooperative Encouragement!"

I have been a boarder since October 2018 and I can't imagine keeping my horse anywhere else. The facility is so nice and always improving, and the care is top notch. I love the flexible boarding options as well to suit each horse's individual needs. Hailey has been a fantastic instructor. I've never felt judged for my OTTB and instead have felt inspired and confident in our future in dressage. She's helped me tackle any problems we encounter with patience and tact and my riding has greatly improved. The boarders are all so nice and there is a true environment of cooperative encouragement, no matter how big or small your goals. So happy I found this gem outside of Knoxville.


"Not Only Did I Learn A Lot, I Had a Blast Doing It!"

I can’t even begin to list all of the wonderful things there are about Hailey and Holston Manor. I am a prior working student and during my year there, working and training, I learned so much. Coming from a mainly jumping background, I had no idea how I would pick up on dressage. Hailey took the time to explain everything in ways that make sense, and in ways that you can feel working! I went from knowing next-to-nothing to competing and winning Training Level on my OTTB. Not only did I learn a lot, but I had a blast doing it. Hailey is extremely knowledgeable while also being an amazingly fun person to be around. The farm and its facilities are gorgeous, well kept, and have always reminded me of farms I would dream up as a kid. I love Hailey and her farm more than words can begin to describe, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!


"Hailey Was an Absolute Joy to Work With; I Can't Say
Enough Good Things About Working With Her."

"I am a lower-level adult amateur in dressage with an incredible and accomplished trainer/breeder. I recently purchased a young, imported Danish Warmblood gelding from Hailey at HM Dressage. Hailey was an absolute joy to work with; I can't say enough good things about working with her. Despite owning a unicorn mare, my experience in purchasing her was pretty terrible, so I was gun-shy the second time around. Our search for this gelding took a full year.


My trainer and I scoured sales websites, private websites, Facebook groups, and contacted personal trainers on a daily basis. We traveled all over the country. Many times we traveled only to find that pertinent things weren't fully disclosed--the horse was lame, there was a medical issue despite having "no medical history", the horse's age was not what was advertised, etc....extremely frustrating when these trips have an expense attached. Throughout the year, we also dealt with/communicated with countless trainers and sellers. While some were great, many were "eccentric," dishonest, or even unpleasant.


My experience with HM Dressage was pleasant from start to finish, and I would definitely recommend them. From the start, Hailey offered the first right of refusal and even offered transport for my trainer and me to and from the airport. Her barn is clean, spacious, and very well maintained on 50 acres of pastures. Hailey is honest, upfront, and has impeccable communication. She went above and beyond; not just in communication with the initial visit, but after we were under contract by making sure my new gelding had blankets to transport, ulcer guard, and a halter (which was "blinged" out and brand new. lol), as well as making sure he was shoed on schedule, and consistently worked to our wishes in the interim.


I should also make a comment on the fact that my new gelding was very appropriately priced, and not over-priced as were many of the horses we had previously seen or tried. Hailey never nickel-and-dimed me during any of the process for anything regarding board, extras, etc--she was very fair from start to finish. It is obvious from our frequent interaction that her passion is horses and not sales. She truly cares for the right match and makes sure each horse is taken care of from point A to Z. Horse shopping is not for the faint of heart, and in my humble opinion is not particularly "fun." However, Hailey at HM Dressage made this particular experience enjoyable! THANK YOU to HM Dressage! Your hospitality, quality of horse, honesty, efficiency, attention to the details, and more importantly communication is and was so very much appreciated!"



"By Far the Most Gorgeous and Well-Run Farm"

Holston Manor is by far the most gorgeous and well run farm I have ever had the privilege of working and living at. I was a working student for Hailey for about 6 months and had the most wonderful time. Hailey is extremely knowledgeable and was so helpful to me in many different aspects of horses, but especially in learning the ins and outs of horse ownership. I learned so much in my time at Holston Manor. The facility is absolutely gorgeous along with her amazing horses. I would recommend Hailey and Holston Manor a thousand times over!