Drambuie, "Buie", is an elegant 16.2h 2012 Hanoverian gelding.

Imported from Germany and vetting done with 42 images in September 2018.

​The first time I rode Buie I thought,"wow, I will be very sad if I don't come home with this horse".

He gives you the most confident feeling like "YES, I am going to try this new trick and I'm going to nail it!!"

​At 7yrs old he is doing 4-6 confirmed 1 tempis and all the lateral work softer than most seasoned upper level horses. He is super easy on the bit, easy to sit, and quiet. He is also self going but not hot.

​I would imagine that Buie would make the most inexperienced riders look very very good!!

​He is a pleasure to ride and he has the sweet personality to match.

​Showing and winning4th level in the mid 60s and one debut at PSG under his belt.