“Cory” is my personal show horse that I imported in 2017.

He is 18.1h and I am 5”5. He is very respectful and quick to the aids without being hot. Small people can ride him!

I would put someone who has never ridden before on him for a trail ride. I TRUST this horse to be safe.

We have won tons of PSG (recent FEI high point with a 70.1% and tons of mid-60s) and have a few proven I-1 rides.

Cory is NOT happy doing work past PSG, therefore am leasing or selling to the perfect situation for the happiness of the horse.

I love this horse so dearly and want him to spend his last competitive years teaching someone absolutely everything they need to know for their bronze and silver medals.

He is an excellent teacher and very uncomplicated laterally. Does a great piaffe/passage so can teach someone a feel for that as well.

I will require references and likely require at least a 6mo lease before purchase to confirm it is the ideal situation for the horse so I can sleep at night! I want this to be the BEST situation for this horse or he will not leave my barn.

No “aspiring GP” homes. Will only sell to someone that will show below PSG for the horse's mental and physical well-being.


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The dream home is an ambitious YR or AA that will offer him retirement down the road. This horse is KIND with absolutely no buck, rear, bolt, or spook. He is UNFLAPPABLE in big show environments and hacks all over the hills, woods, down to the river, etc WTC on the buckle.

He is a happy dude who deserves to have a life of leisure showing someone the ropes.

No quirks around the barn and easy for all things farrier, loading, turnout, etc.