Boarding at Holston Manor is offered to clients in a regular training program. 

Holston Manor offers top-notch care and an incredible facility.  Boarding options include stall board, group pasture board, or private pasture board.

More information is available on the Boarding Packages Page.


Holston Manor provides a supportive family-like atmosphere with a strict no-tolerance policy on poor treatment of staff, boarders, or facility allowing you to progress with your horse in a truly welcoming environment.

Holston Manor also frequently hosts social events for boarders and clients. We also host a variety of clinics, saddle fitters, and other guests who help us expand our knowledge base. 


Along with horses, Holston Manor has a plethora of other furry residents! 

Ruth and Louise are piggies who always run to the fence greet boarders

Holston Manor's feline employees, Boots, Spur, and Half Chap oversee daily chores from the aisleway or the haylofts. They frequently sleep on the job. 

Rollo, Grizzly, and Bumble make up the canine crew!